Do YOU (yourself) have a brand?

Yes, the question is;  "do you have a brand?"  The question is not about the company you work for or the products you may work with.  The question is directed to you as an individual.  The answer is yes.

It is your personal brand.  It is:

-Who you are,
-What you know
-How people perceive you.

Very few are conscious about managing their personal brand.  Most only think of how they market themselves when it is time to update their resume.

Managing your brand is more than a resume and a new profile photo. In this age of social media, your brand may reach into Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and the rest.   If you do not desire to have your social media activities treated as part of your professional brand, then you need to make clear distinctions and study the privacy attributes available to each platform.  Conversely, if you want to extend your brand into the social media, you might want to stop first and establish goals and boundaries for each one of the platforms.  

Most critically, however, you need to start thinking of yourself and your brand.  As a starting exercise,focus on a tag line.  Most brand have one statement:   a tag line that defines what the Brand is such as  Nike, "Just do it".  Can you sum up your professional career in one line?   Can you make that one line marketable?  That is the beginning of brand management.   Once you have started this thought process extend the analysis into every aspect.  It WILL make a difference in your career. 

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A Seasoned Technology Visionary possessing a deep understanding of technology and business processes.

Doug has accumulated over 35 years of experience in the technology and media markets. His broad career has ranged from leading Research and Development work for a 300+ million dollar company to an E-Government startup. His efforts have been recognized by major trade associations as well as Tier 1 clients.

Doug is now a private consultant and continues to provide his insights to the industry.