What I Believe

What do I believe?

I believe in God and the goodness of mankind.

I believe in Ancora Imparo which is Latin for "I am still learning." I believe that the pursuit of knowledge is as important as the knowledge you gain. I believe that one should pursue knowledge to the end of life. The pursuit of learning is life itself. To stop seeking, is to stop living. I have watched people go from living to dying simply by giving up the pursuit of learning. Conversely, to watch a child in the learning mode is the most amazing experience.

Learning takes many forms. Some you have experienced, some I hope you never experience. At the end of the day, holding a book in my hand is such a cherished experience. Learning is sharing. Some of life's lessons are for you and you alone. Some, are for you to share. How and when you share will come to you in that moment when it is time.

Sometimes you have to remind yourself of the lesson. When you ask yourself why did it happen, the answer may not be apparent then, but it will find a path to you.

You and you alone have the control to make your life what it is.

(Editorial Note: For graduation of a daughter of a close friend, I selected the "I Believe" books from NPR and wrote this as well. It is a good challenge to attempt to capture your essense).

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