The Hour Glass

There is a common fascination with the hour glass. There is the usual sinking ocean of sand, but the hour glass also presents a brief moment in time where it is a mirror image of itself. The one micro-second where everything in in reverse. Where the top is the bottom and the bottom is the top.

In your profession, you can look at the information around you in the same perspective as the hourglass.We have a tendency to frame our experiences with our personal history. We know the sand is slowly sliding down into the bottom half. But if you turn that hourglass around,

which is the top and which is the bottom?
Look at the critical information (datasets) you have around you. Examine your files, Customer records, performance metrics, key databases (the records that show up in your business plans). You have a set of assumptions that leverage your industry knowledge.This knowledge combined with with these datasets are your competitive advantage.Now, turn the hour glass over. Invert your thoughts and ideas of what your datasets mean.

Interesting discoveries, yes? We have a tendency to examine only what we know, examining them in two dimensions. Datasets need to be examined in the 3rd dimension.This is the power of a database.

Remember-Time is man's definition.

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