Media Fundamentals-Directional Media

To understand Directional Media you need to understand the context of the consumer. "I have decided to buy a pizza tonight." (Or) "I need a new lawn mower." Directional Media channels the buying decision of the consumer. When you go to the Yellow Pages, you have already reached the decision to purchase. It is now a question of when or where and most importantly WHO. Directional Media is a funnel leading towards the holy grail of advertising; the transaction.

Directional Media, whether it is yellow pages or billboards or trade publications, places a premium on the ability to get close to the final decision of purchase. Imagine you are on a 6 lane interstate heading into the city, then it becomes 4 lanes, then 2 lanes, then you are on Main Street. As the funnel narrows, you are closer to your destination. What is critical to advertisers is reaching you NOT when you reach the destination, but when that precise moment before your brain fires the neurons to push on the brake. Often the term "qualified buyers" is used in this context. "Qualified" is defined in that "we know that you know" you are going to buy that lawnmower. The cost of reaching the qualified buyer is significant, so those who know you are going to buy a lawnmower are important to the advertiser.

Stopping short of knowing you are going to buy a lawnmower, it would be a good guess that you may be interested in a lawnmower in the near future if you just bought a subscription to "Landscaping Magazine."

Directional Media is focused on providing a narrowing path to the purchase and bringing the buyer and seller together.

Editor's Note:  This post was first published on 6/26/2008

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