Media Fundamentals-Broadcast

Broadcast media (Television, Newspapers, Radio) reaches the widest audience. The goal of advertising in this mix is to establish a brand awareness. This awareness or your product or service is critical in that it perpetuates a "Top-Of-Mind" thought so that when the consumer makes the purchase your product is there right in front of them. 110% success is achieved when your brand is synonymous with the product. Think garbage sacks and you think of Hefty. Think Toothpaste and you think of Crest.

This awareness is generated through saturating the consumers with your branding message. High frequency exposure is provided through the Broadcast Media distribution channels. You can also stimulate a desire for the product. How many times have you watched the drippy cheese pizza commercials and thought..."I'm getting hungry"? How many times does an slippery glass of beer or soda make you thirsty? Frequency and/or uniqueness(creativeness) is what drives this type of advertising.

When you view this media channel in terms of the internet, the most likely parallel is banner advertising. High rates of exposure, larger audience participation in the site are the main factors with this approach.

Editor's Note:  This post was first published on 6/28/2008

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